Trade Kits

If you are in the trade or just in the know then this is for you

TradeKits, is a resin bound paving kit created to allow users, contractors and trades people to install resin bound paving themselves, allowing for purchasing of larger amounts of material than the DIY systems.

They have been specifically designed by StoneSet NZ, using the same premium quality resins, batched with their clean and dried bagged decorative aggregates to give you a complete kit, ready to go for any job. Batched individually for each job and available in all the range of colours and sizes.

tradekit complete
trade resin
Baron mixer

Plenty of options to suit your needs as well. Do you already have some stone, do you just need some resin? Or just the bagged aggregate? Or put the two together for the complete kit.

Let us know your requirements, we are here to help. We just need a total area in sq metres, depth you are laying and the base you are laying over. If unsure we can provide all the specifications and advice you need. Give us a call today.


Each kit is designed to be mixed with a Forced Action Mixer, we recommend Baron or Soroto. If you are looking to hire, however, they are available to hire at some Kennards Hire branches nationwide. We do not advise cement mixers for resin bound surfacing. This is because any aggregate laid which isn’t evenly coated in resin won’t glue correctly. This can therefore cause the surface to fail. We also advise the use of a proper commercial mixing drill for the whisking of the resins. 

Call us today, we here to help with that next project