Resin Rock Pool Copings

Are you thinking about renovating your pool and adjacent landscape paving? Looking at that tired pool copping and scratching your head on what to do there? Don't remove them and start again when you can retrofit them with resin bound paving.

Resin Rock Formwork.jpg

With the use of our new Resin Rock flexible formwork, we can simply pour a new copping in-situ over the top of your existing copping that flows down and encompasses the bullnose entirely. Once the formwork has been removed a new larger copping is revealed that is solid, secure, seamless and aesthetically pleasing with its natural stone look.

Coping complete
Formwork to pool
Flexible formwork
Resin Rock Form
resin bound pool copping
tie wires
resin rock pool forms
Edge detail

So how does it work?

The formwork simply sticks to the tiles or inside of the pool and with its flexibility curve shaped pools are not a problem. There are two sizes available, one with a 25mm overhang suitable for new applications and the second with a 45mm overhang for retrofit applications.


The StoneSet resin bound paving stone sizes are limited to 3mm and 6mm for this application to permit a smooth surface, but are available in all the decorative colour choices.

Don't unwittingly remove the coping, if they are sound and secure, they make the best base for the next. Talk to us today, we can help with all your questions, samples and more.

Technical Specification

Resin Rock 20mm overhang.JPG
Deep Resin Rock 45mm overhang.png