Pour On - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix the binder with the stone before laying?

Yes, but the biggest challenge is finding the right stone for a pre-mixed application. We would recommend the Mix Up Gravel and Binder kits which contain both the stone and the pre-measured binder, making it super easy.

Alternatively, StoneSet NZ offers a full supply and installation system of porous and overlay paving which is covered by a 10 year guarantee and offers maximum longevity.

Can Pour On be used with any gravel?

The important criteria are that the gravel is graded as a single sized stone between 6mm and 20mm. The gravel needs to be clean and dry with minimum dust or fines.

Is Pour On suitable for use on a driveway?

It is not ideal for heavy-trafficked applications, we would recommend either the Mix Up Gravel and Binder kits for small projects or StoneSet full supply and installation for heavy-trafficked and larger areas.

Will it stay glossy?

Pour On's latest version will stay glossy, but with all paving will eventually wear with time, but still have a bonded finish.

How long will it last?

The design life of the binder is in excess of 5 years. The life of the finished surface is dependent on the quality of installation, type and sizer of gravel used, level of use and base stability.

Is the binder dangerous?

Once cured the binder is a completely inert material, meaning it is safe and has no negative impact on the surrounding areas. In fact, by creating a porous surface it offers some great benefits in waterway pollution and stormwater management.

In liquid form, the binder should be handled with care and the safety data sheet should be read prior to use. Always wear gloves when handling and a mask when pouring binder.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery varies between states and how much you order, average lead time for Pour On is 5-10 days.