Why choose Pour On?

Sick and tired of loose gravel but love the natural look it creates? Don't give up on your design dream - just use Pour On Gravel Binder.

Whether you already have the stone in place and it is proving to be a nightmare with kids and dogs kicking it around, no worries you can retro fit over your existing pebbles.

Or if you want to create a brand new pathway, using Pour On is easy and the results will be amazing. Just  check out the latest video below or head to our installation guide to see how easy it is to do. 


Installation is simple, just make sure you prepare yourself before commencing any project by fully understanding the installation instructions, read all safety advice, FAQ and follow all advice. Any further questions, feel free to give us a call and whoever answers will be keen to help as best they can.

Remember it is always best practice to apply in two or three light applications rather than one heavy pour. Ideally the area will have been allowed to fully dry out for three consecutive days before installation or apply clean bagged dry stone of choice prior to pouring.

Safety first; Before beginning installation, read all related material safety data sheets and instruction guides. Make sure you wear and use personal protection equipment. Resin can be a messy business!

How much do I need?

Firstly you need to know your area and how much m² you have.

Area m² = width x length.

The ideal application rate depends on the expected use of the finished surface. We would recommend the following as a guide:​

  • Light use pedestrian - courtyards, patios and paths -2kg/sq m²

  • Heavy pedestrian paths and  light vehicle driveways- 3.5kg+/sq m²

Also ensure all your aggregates and gravels are consistent to the required depth for the size of the stone you are using. This is to ensure the resin permeates through your aggregates evenly.

  • 6mm single sized stone - 30mm depth

  • 10mm single sized stone - 40mm depth

  • 20mm single sized stone - 60mm depth

Amber or Clear Resin?

Pour On comes in two different shades of resin. If you are unsure what to use, contact us  on diy@stonesetnz.co.nz or 0800 70 8000 and we can advise as per your stone type.

  • Clear Pour On- use with lighter tones including white, light grey and cream or highly decorative areas where optimum natural stone coloring's are desired.

  • Amber Pour On - recommended for use with darker tones including gold, brown, black and dark grey. This resin is amber in colour, and will darken initially before weathering to the natural stone.

Important - Please ensure all gravels and aggregates used are clean, dry and free of dust that may cloud the resins.