Why Choose Mix Up?

Want that professional StoneSet look but only have that small piece to do? Have that D.I.Y gene in your DNA and want to give it a go? Then the Mix Up Gravel and Binder kit is for you.

This cost effective solution not only looks amazing, but is easy to do, will go over existing surfaces and is fully porous. We have a great range of stone colours to choose available.

Just  check out the latest video below or head to our installation guide to see how easy it is to do. 

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1: Prepare for success

  • Prepare your base

  • Mask up

  • Mark your batches

2: Mixing your kit

  • Empty stone into tub or wheelbarrow

  • Pour resin on to stone and mix... really well

3: Lay

  • Spread the mix level

  • Smooth flat with a trowel

  • Protect from any wet weather for at least 24 hours.

How much do I need?

Each kit contains:

Stone Set Gravel Binder
Stone Set Mix

Each kit will cover 0.5 m2 at 20mm depth when going over prepared compacted aggregate. When going over existing surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and or tiles you can go a s little as 16mm depth which will push your kit out to 0.6 m2.

Drying times vary across seasons, summer it is 24 hours and winter can be slower 36 - 48 hours. 

Simply work out your total m2, then divide by the amounts above to work out how many kits to order.