Mix Up - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a mixer?

Yes, but as long as it’s the right one. We only recommend a force action concrete screed mixer. If you have one of these you can mix up to 4 kits at a time.

For small batches you can mix with a whisk attachment on a high torque power drill or use a clean wheelbarrow and spade.

Can I lay over concrete?

Existing and new concrete makes a great base material for Mix Up Gravel and Binder Kits. Just ensure new concrete has been laid for 28 days prior to install and old concrete is in good condition with no moving cracks as these will reflect through to the Mix Up Kit surface.

How long will it take to cure?

Temperature varies the curing time. Summer approx 24 hours, Winter is longer 36 - 48 hours in colder regions.

What about joints and saw cuts?

All joints must be reflected through to the finished surface. This can be reflected with a saw cut or angle and neoprene joint. Ensure saw cuts are followed through accurately and backfill with mastic if desired.

So are Mix Up Kits covered by the StoneSet 10 year guarantee? 

No. StoneSet offer a full 10 year guarantee for supply and installation projects using our fully bound, overlay and porous paving system completed by an approved StoneSet NZ installer.

Is it suitable for use on a driveway? 

Absolutely it can! As a rule of thumb Mix Up Gravel and Binder kits are as strong as the base they are laid over. If you have a concrete slab, asphalt or no fines concrete surface it can go straight over. Always allow a minimum of 72 hours for full curing to occur after the final coat of resin. Generally, it is only recommended on a straight driveway with minimum turning, but it depends on the level of expectation and use.

How long will it last? 

The design life of the resin is in excess of 5 years. The life of the finished surface is dependent on the quality of installation, level of use and base stability. A quality install could last in excess of 10 years.

Is the resin dangerous? 

Once cured the resin is a completely inert material, meaning it is safe and has no negative impact to the surrounding areas. In fact, by creating a porous surface it offers some great benefits in waterway pollution and stormwater management.

In liquid form the resin should be handled with care and the safety data sheet should be read prior to use. Always wear gloves when handling and a mask when pouring resin.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery varies between cities and and how much you order, average lead time for Pour on and Mix Up kits is 5-10 days.