Tree Surrounds and Trenches

StoneSet porous paving is a popular choice for tree surrounds as it provides a decorative area that won't restrict the tree in any way.  The porosity of the product ensures that any rainwater will immediately pervade the surface and reach the roots of the tree.

A StoneSet tree surround is very easy to care for, providing the ideal solution for anyone looking for a low maintenance product. The seamless surface is a great way to avoid the build up of litter, which is so often seen clogging up tree grilles.  The bound nature of the product also guarantees there will be no loose gravel so you can have a beautiful natural aggregate without the worries of pedestrians kicking up the stones. 

10mm Ripple
6mm Liberty
English Oak with Stoneset
Trunk detail for existing trees
10mm Viking Skull
6mm Cardronna
Tree trench UK

StoneSet is designed to work with the tree and support its development. 


For younger trees we will always use a tree collar to ensure room for growth.

It is best to allow young trees to settle before applying Stoneset to avoid slumping and we also apply the StoneSet at thicker quantities to combat this.


For more established trees the StoneSet can be laid right up to the trunk base.  If the tree needs to move then the StoneSet will simply flick away from the trunk and allow the tree its movement. StoneSet is 100 times more flexible than concrete and so is much less likely to crack should there be any shifting of the tree's roots.

A StoneSet tree surround not only provides a seamless, fully porous surface but has the added look of bound natural stone. Check out our latest product range below.

Technical Specification

Tree Surrounds Techniqual Specs